Youtube: Invoicing and Setting Up Your Company

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Youtubers: how to set up your company in Andorra

Are you wondering how to invoice on Youtube and set up your company in Andorra? We'll explain to you how to do it in 10 steps so that you'll be clear:

  1. Get ready to spend about two and a half months processing paperwork to incorporate the company (or leave this whole point to us).
  2. Decide on a name for your company. Be clear about all the activities you want to carry out with your company (such as, in addition to creating content, managing your own assets, brokering or dropshipping).
  3. Gather as necessary documentation:
    1. an apostilled certificate of criminal record from your country of nationality and residence
    2. A notarized photocopy of your ID card or valid passport. (If you do this last procedure in Andorra, you can save the apostille).
  4. Talk to a bank to open the company's bank account. Once this is done, you deposit the company's share capital.
  5. Find a flat where you're going to live. Also to domicile the company in Andorra.
  6. Go to the Notary to incorporate your company. (Careful! You haven't finished yet).
  7. After about two weeks, the form must be submitted to the Comú to obtain the Commercial Registry of the company.
  8. You will have to talk to the owner of the rented flat in Andorra to be able to locate the business of your company in the flat (this is important to talk about before signing the lease of the flat/house).
  9. Obtain the company's commercial registration in the relevant municipality.
  10. Get an agency or law firm to do your accounting and tax presentation for your company.




What to consider before you start billing

And that's it, you will have your company incorporated in Andorra and you will be able to invoice your services provided in Youtube or through the advertising contracts.

However, it must be said that it is not easy to set up a company in Andorra without the help of experts in the sector, as for example you will have to draw up the articles of association of your own company in accordance with Andorran regulations or you will have to arrange for the opening of a bank account with the bank of Andorra (which may be a daunting task for some).

I advise you to get in the hands of experts who can help you at this point so you can avoid the headache.

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